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Some researches dedicated to detection of fallen down to the Earth of cometary's matter were done for the last years. The researches were provided in consequence with methodic and recommendations proposed by author. A suppose that massive falling of cometary's dust to the epicenter of Tunguska Meteorite with bolide's aerosols flow was proved. Some traces of a local cometary's catastrophe leaded to appearance of chain of lakes were detected by N. A.Filinov in Shtatura region near Moscow. Under point of fading of Altay bolide 2007 an expedition ONIO "Kosmopoisk" detected a field of scattering of dry remnants of comet and its dust as result of special search. Gathered data prove continue inflow of cometary's matter to the Earth. The new results arise new problems that are discussed. These are search for cometary's bourn matter under final parts of bright bolides trajectories, total identification of comet-bourn craters, full-cycle analysis of detected cometary's fragments and their classification, search for cometary's markers in samples of ice kerns from Antarctic and Greenland and so on.

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