1. Djadkov P.G., Mikheeva A.V., Ivanova G.M. (2006). The Korchazh impact structure. 40 ESLAB Symposium: 1 International Conference on Impact Cratering in the Solar System, Noordwijk, 8-12 May, 2006, Noordwijk: ESA, P. 149 (cm.Abstr.)

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This structure looks like a funnel (see the topography map) with a small lake in the center and is named by natives as "Yama Korchazhikha", its diameter - ca 200-300 m, coordinates: 52,183 N, 106,767 E. Not far from it (< 1 km), the second smaller funnel locates (d~20m) that has more clear and expressive section profile. Its cosmic and impact origin was confirmed by a special Moscow meteoritic commission headed by Dr. U. V. Kestlane of the Estonian Academy of Sciences in the 80-s, but for a long time those materials were fogotten. According to spoken message of U. V. Kestlane, the age of this structure can be supposed about 80-100 thousands years and its origin is purely of impact. His assumptions is based on the geomorphology of structure.
(from full paper of Djadkov P.G., Mikheeva A.V., Ivanova G.M., 2006)

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View from space.

The 2010-fieldtrip fotos of "Yama Korchazhikha":

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(Djadkov P.G., Mikheeva A.V., Ivanova G.M., 2006).

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