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The Private Bourabai Research Institution on Intergation of New Information Technologies (BRI) was founded in 1993. BRI engages in scientific research and technological development on following directions.

1. Intermediate and short-term forecast of destructive earthquakes

The development in this direction is begun by the founder of BRI in 1990 when he was a research director of the Expedition N4 of the Special Sector of IPE of USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1990 it is the Geophysical Observatory "Borovoye" of Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres AS USSR), when director of IDGIDG, Ph.D (now member of the RAS) Vitali Adushkin has set the problem of conversions of the base of military seismology into necessities of civil seismology. In particular, he has putted a task of development of methods and facilities of destructive earthquakes forecast.

After nationalizings of GO "Borovoye" in 1992 and recall russian specialists from it (39 persons from 40), it is transformed in american point of observation for nuclear activity of asiatic countries and it has lost its scientific importance.

New pulse for development of earthquake forecast became available in 1993 after foundung BRI and performing the orders of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

In present time BRI is the monopoly owner of technology intermediate- and short-termforecast of destructive earthquakes with unique reliability of about 85% and with possibility of continental coverage.

The quality of the technology of short-term forecast was confirmed by predictions given beforehand for the Crisis Centre of Emergency Ministry of Kazakhstan since January 2005 until August 2007. In connection with absence of proper financing the cooperation with EM of Kazakhstan was discontinued since September 2007.

In present time BRI is ready to performing the orders of any civil organizations of any countries on seismic forecast their territories.

Having a proper financing our technology allows to enlarge probability of forecast of strong earthquakes (Ms>5.5) in window 1 - 16 weeks up to 95%, bringing in the prospect reliability up to 99%.

2. Research and development in the field of aethereal physics

The research and geophisical observations, made by the founder of BRI during several decennial events, give the basis to conclusion about presence the base matter in the nature, differring from the material (substance) and the field. It has brought him to conclusion about invalidity of relativistic physics denying the presence of aether.

The big share studies made since 2003 is devoted to study of characteristics of cosmic aether, the base matter of the Universe.

Possible for publishing results reached in this area, were presented at this web-site.

In present time BRI is ready to performing the exploratory orders of outside organizations on study of characteristics of aether and undertaking the technological developments using characteristics of aether for necessities of industry, medicine, ecology and scientific studies in other fields.

3. Research in the field of cosmology and cosmogony

The research in the field of aether physics discovered the structure and characteristics of physical matter, has brought about new results in area of the Space study.

These results changes revolutionary the look on Universe formed during 20-th century, the processes occurring in heavenly bodies and in the Space.

The fundamental results, suitable to publication, are placed on this web-site.

In present time BRI is ready to performing the research orders of outside scientific organizations in the field of cosmogony and cosmology including design developments of new instruments and systems for Space study.

4. Research in the field of forest ecology

As far back as in 1990-ths in cooperation with Global Centre of Wildfire Monitoring of FAO UN (Freiburg, BRD) and Kazakh Argoforestry Research Institute (Shutchinsk, Kazakhstan) we made the studies in the field of forest ecology, including studies of nature and forecast of wildfires particularly actual in conditions of modern aridization and urbanization, as well as studies of particularities of wood growing and degradation, the optimum ways of its conservation and spreading.

In present time BRI is ready to execution research and ecology-applied orders of outside scientific organizations, agricultural departments and facilities in the field of guard, regulation and development of timber systems.

5. The climate study, climatic forecast, climate and weather management.

The study in this direction there was began in 1980-s, when K. Khaidarov has provided a study on problem of climatic consequences of thermonuclear war and has published a paper on results of this research. On the base of complex approach to problem of study and modeling weather and climatic processes using new information technologies and fundamental results in the field of physics of weather-climatic processes, as well as developped in last of decades weather management technologies, we can offer new technical decisions on management of weather-climatic conditions of concrete terrains for improvement their agricultural parameters (increase of precipitation in arid terrain at period of vegetation and reduction of precipitation at period of collection of harvest, fight with saline soils and so on)

6. Developments in the field of automation of scientific research.

Having the big experience in the field of automation of different scientific studies including development of measuring instruments (seismometers, special sensors for measurement of different physical values), hardware-software complexes (the systems for automation of unceasing measurements of physical values) and software for research, BRI is ready to execution research and development orders of outside scientific organizations in this field.

7. Advice service

Having the big experience in the field of study of behaviour of different systems, analysis of trends, technology of forecast and pattern recognition, as well as specifics of different areas of new information technologies, electronics, measuring technology, ecology, BRI offers the advice services in the field of interest of the customer.

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