There are three kinds of science - official pseudoscience, amateur pseudoscience and classics.

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources".
Albert Einstein


Robert Hooke
Robert HOOKE

1660 The Law of Springy Deformation ("Hooke's Law")
1665 Micrography (The cellular structure of living creatures)
1670 An Attempt to Prove the Motion of the Earth by Observations - reported to the Royal Society in August, 1670, printed in 1674
- the brilliant works of founder of modern natural science, did not lost its importance 330 years later. His 500 (Five Hundred) discoveries are the basis of modern physics. Amongst them there are "Boyle - Mariott Law", "Newton rings" - indeed discovered by Hooke, the laws of celestial mechanics - 1670, 1674 (which were not belonging to Newton - 1687 and later, see investigations of Alexander Koyre, Alexey Bogoliubov and Allan Chapman analysis), theory of bounce, discovery of the celluar structure of the living beings, foundation of paleontology...

Immanuel KANT
Immanuel KANT

1755 Universal Natural History and Theory of Heaven
1761 Seventh Consideration. Cosmogony
- the brilliant works of the great philosopher, which does not lost its importance after 250 years. The majority of fictions of modern scientists, who have in thousands times greater information and who have possibility to use intellectual potential of computers, are looking laughable in comparison with Kant's clear, natural and ingenius concept.

Hermann Helmholtz

1847 - On the Conservation of Force.
- ingenius work of great naturforscher, subsequent to M. Lomonosov and Robert Julius Mayer definitively and irrevocable installed the generality of law of energy conservation in Nature.

Nikolay Umov
Nikolay UMOV

1870 Laws of the oscillations in unlimited medium
1873 Theory of interaction on final distances and its exhibit to conclusion of electrostatic and electrodynamic laws
1874 Equations for Energy in Moving Bodies
1874 Addition to paper "Equations for Energy in Moving Bodies"
- theory of the material media, found out absolutely strictly, from which the property of aether, features of moving matter follow necessary and uniquely ("Umov's vector", 1973, but is not "Poynting's vector", 1887, dE/dm = c2, - an inertial property of the energy, 1873, but is not a pseudo-discovery E = mc2, 1905).
Works of this genius were known and were published in Europe. Poynting, Kirhgoff, Mie, Lodge and Drude knew and used his works, but three latest, according to A. Kompaneyetz's analysis, "redrawing" his formulas, sometimes did not consider necessary to refer to the author. Even that did not give them to rise on level of Umov's thinking (adoption of formulas is not yet a possession of the same thinking).


1898 The Propagation Velocity of Gravity
- a fundamental analysis of gravitational force, based on paradigm of short-range interaction, environmental carrying of energy and pulse. "If energy has abandoned one body, but did not yet reach other, that it exists between them". There is a full calculation of closure errors of Mercury and other planets perihelions. Given work, according to Philipp LENARD's and Christopher Bjerknes's analysis, is the "firsthand" of the General Theory of Relativity adopted by "ingenius" Albert Einstein.

Max Planck - person, who guessed parameters of the ether a century ago

1899 Natural units of measurements
- classical work, being practically Divine Tablets of physics. It discovers the natural system of units, practically the parameters of aether (some smart persons ascribe the authorship of these units to P. Dirac, but he was born only three years after, in 1902.)
1900 On the Law of Distribution of Energy in the Normal Spectrum
- a classical work, in which Max Planck opens the nature of light quanta. That year young Einstein had finished 4-years education in Zurich Polytechnicum and became a school teacher (a tutor on physics).
In this work Max Planck has solved problem of the ultraviolet catastrophe - an endless growing of energy, follow from Rayleigh-Jeans emission formula. That was made by introducing a quantum of emission, more later named as "photon". Exactly in this work was discovered a quantum nature of light.

Dmitri Mendeleev - creator of the table of chemical elements

1902 An Attempt Towards A Chemical Conception Of The Ether
- a classical work, in which Mendeleev wrote about his own perennial thoughts about the nature of aether as a three-united basis of Universe - a fundamental of material, energy (field) and spirit (information), calling do not to look at this problem too utilitarian and materialistical primitively on the one hand, and do not heaping groundless fantasies on another hand.

Walter Ritz - the creator of ballistic theory of gravitation
Walter RITZ

1908 Electrodynamic mass
1908 Irreversibility and Retarded Potentials
- one of the first attempts for serious understanding the nature of electron motion. In these works the mechanism of electron reaction on motion in the aether was discovered. It has allowed to solve the appearent paradoxes of the increasing the mass and pseudo-duality of particles. But known mad and unphysical ideas of Niels Bohr and Erwin Schroedinger about orbitally flying clouds of probability and bodyless cats of circus jugglers have triumphed.

Henri Poincare - great philosopher and mathematician

1912 The Quanta Hypothesis
- the deep analysis of quantum nature.
The thoughts, works of great philosopher and mathematician, which have not yet understood after a century...

Philipp von Lenard, genius naturforscher
Philipp LENARD

1917-21 About Principle of Relativity, Aether, Gravitation
- Genius clear estimation of SRT and GTR, fundamental stating the main problems of physics and for natural scientists..

Vilhelm Bjerknes - creator of pulsational theory of gravitation and theorem of circulation

1926 Solar Hydrodynamics
- the theory of solar dynamics, adequately describing convective nature of Sun, but not fit to the "theory" of nuclear pp-fusion and now is rejected by relativists

Edwin Salpeter  - astronomer who found out the Law of Stellar Masses Distribution

1955 The Luminosity Function and Stellar Evolution
- the discovery of stellar masses distribution which uniquely confirms Kant's concept about slow growing stellar mass during billions and even trillions years.

St. Marinov - physicist, experimentally refused SRT

1973 The velocity of light is direction dependent / Czechosl. J. Phys. 1974. B24. N9. 965-970.
1979 Measurement of the Laboratory's Absolute Velocity Experimental breaking of SRT principles
- Experimental work of Prof. Marinov has not left the stone on stone from SRT, having shown that velocity of light adds according to Galilean Law. Since 1980 we must consider SRT definitely as fraudulent lie and pseudoscience...

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