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Professor Eugene Shtyrkov

SHTYRKOV, Eugene Ivanovich

PhD., Professor,
Twice winner of the State Premium of the USSR
Honored Person of Science of Russia
Honored Person of Science of Tatarstan
member of the Optical Society of Russia,
member of the Opticall Society of America.

The Kazan Physics-Technical Institute,
The Siberian tract, 10/7
429029 Kazan, Russia
E-mail sht99(a)

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Robert HOOKE
James BRADLEY, the great astronomer finding out a stellar abberation and who has calculated the speed of light
James Bradley


The outstanding scientist on physics Eugene I. Shtyrkov was born in Kazan city on December 22, 1936.

He has got education at the Kazan State University in 1954 - 1959. Since 1959 to 1971 he worked at the State Institute of Applied Optics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, at positions of the engineer, leading engineer, high scientific employee, chief of lab of a quantum electronics. In 1968 he has defended candidate dissertation on quantum electronics.

Since 1971 till the present time he works at the Kazan Physics -Technical Institute of Academy of Sciences of Russia, where he sequentially worked at the positions: high scientific employee, chief of lab of non-steady laser spectroscopy, main scientific employee.

In 1985 he has defended doctoral dissertation on a subject "A Dynamic Holography in Resonant Environments", and in 1990 he was assigned the rank of Professor.

In 1995 Prof. Shtyrkov the rank of the Honored Person of Science of Republic Tatarstan is assigned, and in 2001 the rank of the Honored Person of Science of Russia is assigned.

Eugene Shtyrkov is doubly winner of the State Premium of the USSR in the field of science:
1982 - for a set of scientific works (1970-1981) on a resonant dynamic holography;
1988 - for discovery and research of an oriented crystallization of semiconductors under operation of laser light (laser annealing).

Until recently Prof. Shtyrkov read courses of the lectures on optical quantum generators and optical transient phenomena in the Kazan State University, and lectures on dynamic holography and transient light induced lattices at the All-Union Schools on Holography.

Despite of a declining age Prof. Shtyrkov is complete of force and energy, which he completely brings to his pioneer researches in different fields of physics.

Professor Shtyrkov has more than 180 scientific publications and 20 inventions in the field of a quantum electronics, non-linear optics and microelectronics.

His pioneer sicentific works are:

The first observation of passing 4-wave interactions described in the terms of the dynamic holograms. - see Shtyrkov E.I. A light scattering on periodic structures of exited and nonexcited atoms. - Letter in JETF, 1970, V.12, 134-137.

The discovery of a pulse oriented crystallization of ionic - implantated semiconductors (laser annealing). - see: Shtyrkov E.I. etc. Iono-dopped layer of a new material for a record of the holograms. - Optic. & Spectr., 1975, V.38 issue 5, 1031-1034.; Shtyrkov E.I. et al., Sov., Phys. Semicond., 9, 1309, 1976, see also: the Physical Encyclopedia, "Soviet Enc." M., 1988, volume 2, Laser annealing.

The Theory of the Photon - Echo in Holography. - Shtyrkov E.I., Samartsev V.V., Sov. Opt. Spectroscopy., v.40, 392, 1976.

Theoretical Prediction of the Phenomenon of Generation of Lattices - Interferograms at full time diversity of interacting beams of light (Shtyrkov E., Sov. Opt. Spectr.v.45,339, 1978) and experimental observation of this phenomenon. - (Shtyrkov E. et al., JETP Lett.v.27,648,1978)
The First Observation of the Versed Photon Echo.

A Detection and Research of an inelastic light scattering on nano particles of metal natrium, E. I. Shtyrkov, A. Klimovitskii, H.W. den Hartog, D.I.Vainshtein, Raman scattering and quantum confinement in heavily electron-irradiated halides, Journal Phys.:Condens. Matter 14, (2002), 9053 - 9068

Detection of effect of uniform motion of the Earth on aberration of electromagnetic waves from a source on a geostationary satellite - "Aethereal Wind". - Bulletin of Kazan Acad. Sci. Center. Series of Science About The Earth. 2005., № 2., issues №6 .135 143.

The references on Shtyrkov's works as pioneer in the scientific literature (see, for example, on a laser annealing in C.White et al., Science, v.204,4392, p.461,1979; Larson B., Comm. Sol. State Physics, v.11, 4, p.151,1984, or on transient lattices see in the book H. Eichler et al. "Laser Induced Gratings", Springer Verlag, 1987, ch.3, p.40, and also on an echo - holography "Optical Phase Conjugation", Acad. Pres, Inc. 1983, ch.9. (John C. AuYeung, Phase conjugation from nonlinear photon echo)

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